Impact of the antenna orientation for distance estimation

Pelka, Mathias; Cimdins, Marco; Hellbrück, Horst ORCID

Indoor localization is important for a wide range of use cases including industrial, medical and scientific applications. The location accuracy is affected by the localization algorithm and the quality of the measurements as input for the algorithm. Many indoor localization systems employ ultra-wideband distance measurements, as they offer high accuracy and are cost effective. One of the methods for distance measurement is twoway ranging. This paper investigates the impact of the antenna orientation on the distance measurement based on symmetrical double-sided two-way ranging. We show that up to 0.25m of the measurement error is attributed to the orientation of the antennas. We provide explanations and suggest solutions to reduce the effect.


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Pelka, Mathias / Cimdins, Marco / Hellbrück, Horst: Impact of the antenna orientation for distance estimation. Braunschweig 2018.

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